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We are happy to establish the Honolulu Blade Academy,


First created and founded in the year 2005. Located on the Pier and overlooking the ocean in Hermosa Beach, California, the Los Angeles Blade Academy was created, along with other affiliations, as the first school in the Los Angeles basin representing the Blade art of the celebrated Professor Remy Presas as expressed by Grand Master, Master at Arms and International Weapons Expert Bram Frank.

The practice of Martial Blade Craft in Los Angeles was available only as an exclusive academy offering instruction to selected private clientele which included law enforcement, private security and personal protection contractors, competitive athletes and film industry professionals.

The Craft and school expanded with offerings to the general public and adding locations in Venice Beach and Culver City, California with seminar interest throughout the south land under the leadership of its primary instructor, LA Blade’s Coach Mark Crumpton.

With its popularity growing the Craft’s appeal was noticed by Hollywood producers for the Fox Reality Show Solitary, produced in 2006. The unique opportunity led to national broadcast of the internal benefits of MBC practice.

Situated a mile from the beautiful beaches of Waikiki and blocks from the center and start of the Filipino Martial Arts in Hawaii, it is our honor to establish our official location in Mo’ili’ili, a neighborhood rich in Martial Arts history and activity. More than a decade has passed since the school’s founding and the Honolulu Blade Academy is proud to carry its original mission:

We study, examine and practice the combative use of the tactical KNIFE as expressed in the Filipino Martial Art Modern Arnis. PERIOD. Our system, Martial Blade Craft, uses conceptual motion, standing grappling,bladed weaponcraft, edged tools, striking and trapping.

Our study bypasses the concepts of character development and discipline so as not to interfere with individual expression. Our system is based on non linear progression, which is meant to be shared and employed immediately.

The practice of Martial Blade Craft can unfold like a flower into years of study, but the foundation and roots grow quickly allowing for immediate usage.

Conflict is random therefore responses must be immediate, not pre-recorded and based on human bio functioning. Within our system, practioners offer respect to the past, train for the dynamic present and prepare for an uncertain future.